Atchoo… 7 things you can do to ease the blow ( pun intended ).

Oh no, we have only been back at school a few weeks and already a cold has arrived!

My littlest has been suffering with a bad cough and cold, and I can feel the scratchy feeling in my throat too!! Here are a few tips I follow when coughs and colds strike.


  1. Rest and stay warm

The body is working harder than usual to fight off the cold virus, by resting you will allow the body to do this quicker. The body also uses energy to keep itself warm so give it a hand and stay warm.

  1. Drink… A lot…

No I don’t mean alcohol. Water is great for keeping you hydrated, but other drinks are good too. Warm herbal or fruit teas and good old honey and lemon will soothe the throat and ease congestion. You might not feel in the mood for a Smoothie or fruit juice, but they will provide some vitamins. I find its best to dilute fruit juice with a little water if your throat is particularly sore. Here are some links to drinks I like; Innocent Blackberry SmoothieTea Palace ‘Harmony’Twinings Salted Caramel Green TeaTwinings Spicy Chai.

  1. Eat

I know it’s hard to eat when you don’t feel like eating, but giving your body the energy it needs to fight off an infection will help you get better sooner. Make sure you get plenty of fruit and vegetables too. Garlic is also thought to help prevent colds by stimulating the immune system. It is also a natural antibacterial. Many other home remedies are thought to help so it’s worth having a research.

4.Gargle salt

This is one of the best things to do, every time I feel that slight scratchy feeling in my throat I gargle with salt. I usually do this before the sore throat has chance to take hold, however you can do this even if it already has. Salt has a drying effect and will sooth the throat by making it difficult for germs to reproduce.

  1. Saline spray

My mum swears by these. If she thinks she is getting a cold it’s the first thing she does. Similar to gargling salt you can buy a saline spray  to spray up your nose. Check out the link here Boots Saline Nasal Spray

  1. Mentholated salves

You can make these yourself from eucalyptus oil and Vaseline/carrier oil if you are savvy enough. Or you buy them just as easily. Here is one made from all natural ingredients Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub

  1. Extra pillow

Plumping up your pillow or investing in a well supported pillow always helps a good night sleep. Raising your head slightly will stop mucus from sliding backwards down your throat… yuck!  This will also help you breathe easier. Check out this awesome pillow Airflow Breatheasy Pillow

photo-4By The Mindful Mum


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